The Issues

The Issues

Non-selective commercial fishing techniques & poor fishery management continue to be the main issues confronting Skeena steelhead. more »

The Solutions

The Solutions

The Department of Fisheries & Oceans needs to address non-selective fisheries and their impact on non-target fish such as steelhead. more »

Take Action

Take Action

Take Action Now! – Please join us or donate so we can continue to actively lobby DFO on behalf of Skeena steelhead. more »

Tyee Steelhead and Sockeye Graphs to July 23

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Tyee Steelhead and Sockeye Graphs to July 19

To July 19 To July 19 To July 19 To July 19 To July 19

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North Coast Salmon Update #5

16 07 19 North Coast Salmon Update

Here is the latest North Coast Update from DFO.

Highlights include:

-Nass and Skeena sockeye fisheries curtailed due to downsized returns

-235 steelhead caught in the last Area 4 Skeena gillnet opening!! And they only caught 7633 sockeye for a 32 to 1 ration for sox to stld…..very, very high and absolutely no mention of this in the comments by DFO.

-Of note in Area 8 central coast is the new requirement for weedlines on gillnets in sub area 8-5. This is a new regulation that we and others pushed for all of Area 8…hopefully the regulation will spread.

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