The Issues

The Issues

Non-selective commercial fishing techniques & poor fishery management continue to be the main issues confronting Skeena steelhead. more »

The Solutions

The Solutions

The Department of Fisheries & Oceans needs to address non-selective fisheries and their impact on non-target fish such as steelhead. more »

Take Action

Take Action

Take Action Now! – Please join us or donate so we can continue to actively lobby DFO on behalf of Skeena steelhead. more »

MP Nathan Cullen schmoozing with commercial fishermen

Interesting article on Nathan Cullen, Skeena MP schmoozing it up with the UFAWU Rep Joy Thorkelson recently.

No wonder Cullen doesn’t respond to NCSA emails or complaints to DFO as he is fully supportive of the north coast commercial fishery and all their union workers.

We wonder how Thorkelson and the fishermens union can call for new rules to have fish harvested locally processed when the vast majority of fish the processors handle come from Alaska most years….??

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DFO Reply To Town of Smithers Skeena Steelhead Letter

Here is the DFO reply to the Town of Smithers letter of concern about Skeena steelhead.

It is obviously very similar to previous DFO replies on steelhead, especially the sentence about “no conservation concern for steelhead”.  DFO completely misses the point that to ‘conserve’ something means not to wastefully kill it as a bycatch.

DFO Reply To Town of Smithers

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DFO reply to Dean river bycatch letter


Here is DFO’s response to our letter on the Dean river bycatch issue. Obviously written by someone other than RDG Farlinger….probably written by Dan Wagner or the new guy Jeff Radford.

It is typical formulaic DFO stuff asserting basically that everything is fine and you shouldn’t worry. We’ll post our response letter later today.

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