The Issues

The Issues

Non-selective commercial fishing techniques & poor fishery management continue to be the main issues confronting Skeena steelhead. more »

The Solutions

The Solutions

The Department of Fisheries & Oceans needs to address non-selective fisheries and their impact on non-target fish such as steelhead. more »

Take Action

Take Action

Take Action Now! – Please join us or donate so we can continue to actively lobby DFO on behalf of Skeena steelhead. more »

New 2015 Draft North Coast IFMP

2015_2016 Draft Salmon IFMP for Northern BC March for external review

Here is the new draft IFMP for the north coast salmon. Check out the “New for 2015′ section on page 13 and Section 7.5 ‘Skeena River Decision Guidelines’ on page 75.

“The details of the new approach to sockeye management and harvest levels is included. DFO received comments on the Skeena sockeye abundance-based plan from the Lake Babine Nation, a consortium of steelhead interests, the North Coast Skeena First Nations Stewardship Society, the Area C Harvest Committee, the Sports Fish Advisory Board, the Pacific Marine Conservation Caucus and the Gitanyow Fisheries Authority. These proposals were distributed and discussed as part of a North Coast IHPC meeting held on February 4th in Prince Rupert. The proposals represented a range of divergent views on Skeena sockeye management. DFO is proposing for consideration, three options roughly spanning the range of advice described in the proposals received by the Department. A simple evaluation table of the three options is provided as a tool to aid the understanding of the harvest and escapement implications of the different proposed approaches. The table includes the three options for the forecast Skeena sockeye return to Canada of approximately 3 million as well as the 25% (4.4 million) and 75% (2.1 million) forecast range.”

The ‘consortium’ of steelhead interests alludes to our joint NCSA,SSBC,BCFFF letter earlier this year.

It appears we still need to remind DFO of a few simple aspects of this management scenario. For example this article from the Vancouver Sun a while back:

“British Columbia’s recreational fishery is worth as much to the provincial economy as commercial fishing, aquaculture and fish processing combined, according to a new report from BC Stats.”


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Tyee Steelhead Graphs

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North Coast Salmon Update #10

North Coast Salmon Update _10

Here is the latest Salmon Update from DFO.

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