3rd North Coast Salmon Update

16 07 05 North Coast Salmon Update

Here is the 3rd North Coast Salmon Update.

Note the first Area 4 Skeena gillnet opening announced today for July 8th. A few fair days for sockeye at Tyee at got the commercial fleet chomping at the bit.

Area 4 (Skeena River)

The pre-season total Skeena sockeye return estimate is be below average with a pre-season return forecast point estimate of 1.28 million (50% probability) based on the sibling model.  An estimated 92,000 sockeye migrated into the Skeena River over the past week, bringing the cumulative total to 182,127.  With an estimated 7.6 % of the run having passed Tyee, based on average run timing, the current total return to Canada estimate is 2.4 million.  If the run is 5 days early, the current total return to Canada estimate is 1.02 million and, if the return is 5 days late, the current total return to Canada estimate is 5.8 million.

Net Fisheries:

Area 4 gillnet openings directed at chinook are now completed for the year.

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