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UFAWU Letter to DFO about Monitoring Costs

UFAWU_Letter to DFO Here is an interesting letter from the fishermen’s union to DFO about monitoring and other costs for fishermen. Of note is the section where the Union is saying that $300.00 fee and a $400.00 fee totaling $700.00 equals

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2016 Draft IFMP: Tsimshian Proposal

The 2016 Draft Northern Salmon IFMP is out and it contains a proposal from the Tsimshian first nations that is of concern. It appears they want an allocation of sockeye and propose to catch it in fishing days outside of

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“Human Dimensions of Skeena Salmon Fisheries” ; A CFRN paper

Here is another email to DFO Regional Director General Rebecca Reid. This one deals with a paper presented to a commercial fishing organisations AGM in Halifax the other day. UFAWU reps are in attendance there. The paper purports to be

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