North Coast Update #8

16 08 09 North Coast Salmon Update

Here is the latest North Coast Update

Highlights include;

Area 4 Skeena Net Fisheries:

At the current TRTC estimate of 1.48 million, the remaining Canadian TAC is approximately 45,000 sockeye.  Gillnets fished Tuesday to harvest available surplus sockeye.  No extension was permitted.

There have yet to be any seine opportunities in Area 4.  With a remaining surplus of Skeena sockeye, based on the current TRTC projection, an ITQ opportunity for seines is available.  DFO management is currently in the process of determining the available quota and is anticipating seine fishing to commence later this week.

Skeena Inland Demonstration Fisheries

Both the Lake Babine Nation (LBN) and the Gitksan Watershed Authority (GWA) are participating in inland demonstration fisheries to fish selectively for Sockeye in the Skeena watershed this year.   Future sockeye allocations will be issued to both groups based on Area 4 marine commercial gillnet fishery catch.

The NCSFNSS’s demonstration fishery will also receive another two sockeye allocations later this week.

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