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It is an exciting time to be involved in fisheries and steelhead politics in northwest British Columbia. NCSA wants to continue to be in the forefront of lobbying strongly for Skeena steelhead and we need your support to do this.

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If you would like to help preserve and enhance our magnificent steelhead, please donate. Rest assured there are no ‘junkets’..or other extravagances in the NCSA. All our valued donations go directly to helping us attend fisheries meetings, produce documents to lobby governments and fishery managers, and generally fight for steelhead.

August, 2012: Our current fundraising initiative is towards an economic study on the value of a Skeena steelhead. Along with this an update on the value of the Skeena steelhead sportfishery would also be included. These types of studies do not come cheap, you can help by making a donation, large or small, to our cause. Supporters can either send us a check or use the ‘Donate’ button on the right hand side of the page.

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Please help us keep steelhead on the radar not only of bureaucrats and politicians but also with friends, fishermen, business owners,etc. We need  as broad a constituency of people as possible to realize the real value of these magnificent fish. Tell friends and inform businesses you frequent on your fishing travels to our area that steelhead add value to the community and efforts to protect them should be promoted.

Thanks for caring. The fish will appreciate it.


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