UFAWU Letter to DFO about Monitoring Costs

UFAWU_Letter to DFO

Here is an interesting letter from the fishermen’s union to DFO about monitoring and other costs for fishermen.

Of note is the section where the Union is saying that $300.00 fee and a $400.00 fee totaling $700.00 equals 14% of an average fishermans net income….this means the average gillnetter makes only $5000.00 in a season.

Area C Harvest Committee has two urgent concerns that the North Coast office cannot resolve:

Monitoring Costs: DFO has requirements for 20% monitoring of offloads from the gillnet fishery as well as 20% at-sea observer monitoring of any Skeena gillnet fishery and the gillnet Nass fishery after the Kwinageese closure.

The returns forecast for Skeena and Nass sockeye combined is 377,000 sockeye of which the post-PICFI gillnet share is 243,000 pieces or 1,216,000 pounds. At a recommended cost charged to gillnets for the Catch Monitoring Program of 1.5 cents per pound, the revenue generated will be $18,300. This is not sufficient to fund the at-sea observer and dockside Monitoring Program to the same level as in the past.

In 2015, the Area 3 and 4 Monitoring Program cost $30,000. At 1.5 cent per pound, Area C fishermen paid $14,000, leaving a deficit of $16,000. If we had not had savings from the previous year, the Service Provider, Ecotrust Canada, would not have been paid for their services.

It will cost approximately $300 per fisherman to raise $30,000 in 2016. Added to the AMR log book charge of $400, the total cost of the DFO required monitoring program to a north coast gillnetter will be 14% of their average net income.

This is far too much.

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